WordPress.com vs Managed WordPress Hosting: Which Is Right For You?


Building a website with WordPress is the right choice. Besides being used by millions of websites, WordPress is safe and friendly for beginners.

You can create a website with the handy WordPress.com service or WordPress.org which offers freedom of setup.

However, what if you want both of these advantages at once? Managed WordPress hosting is the solution.

What is Managed WordPress hosting? Which one to choose between WordPress.com vs Managed WordPress hosting in terms of price, convenience, and optimization?

Check out the comparison of WordPress.com and Managed WordPress hosting in this article!

Comparison of WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Before going into the discussion about Managed WordPress, let’s first discuss the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is a service to create a website using the WordPress platform complete with hosting and domain. So, with WordPress.com, you will get a ready-to-use website practically.

However, WordPress.com limits your freedom to customize your website further. If you want to freely manage your website, you have to upgrade to a paid package with prices up to IDR 534,000 per month!

WordPress.org is a website that provides the WordPress platform to download for free.

When you are going to build a website, you have to set up your own hosting service and install WordPress first. While not as practical as WordPress.com, you have the freedom of setting up your website with WordPress.org.

Interestingly, hosting providers also often offer easy WordPress installation features with a choice of hosting plans that are more affordable than WordPress.com.

So, it can be concluded that:

  • WordPress.com is easier to use but has limitations in terms of setup, except for those upgrading to a more expensive plan.
  • WordPress.org is not as practical as WordPress.com but offers the freedom of website management. So, you need to choose your own hosting package according to your needs.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a hosting service for creating websites using the WordPress platform with ease of management.

This hosting service is made for users who want to be able to easily manage their website like WordPress.com, but at a more affordable price.

In addition, Managed WordPress hosting will also provide a control panel for hosting, just like when using WordPress.org. So, you can keep doing certain settings you want.

The difference is, the control panel on Managed WordPress hosting is simpler. That way, you can focus on the main settings that are needed. For example, WordPress installation can be done with one click.

Comparison of WordPress.com and Managed WordPress Hosting

Here’s a comparison of WordPress.com vs Managed WordPress hosting from several aspects:


One of the selling points of WordPress.com is the hosting that is included in all packages. Therefore, you can immediately create a website without having to choose hosting services.

In addition to the short set up steps, you don’t need to tamper with WordPress.com hosting settings to maintain its performance. With this convenience, WordPress.com is suitable for those of you who are new to websites.

Well, Managed WordPress hosting offers the same experience. You will indeed get a control panel to enjoy the hosting features. However, only the main features are provided and are not required to be tampered with, unless you need them.


Domain is your online identity. When using the free version of WordPress.com, your domain is website.wordpress.com.

For those of you who want to build a business website or portfolio, the domain certainly looks less professional. Especially, in terms of branding.

To get rid of WordPress.com, you have to upgrade to a paid WordPress plan starting from Rp. 78.000/month.

When using Managed WordPress hosting, you are free to choose the domain you want. There are also various extension options, such as .com, .id, .xyz, and others.

WordPress Installation

At WordPress.com, you simply follow the given setup guide and the website is ready to go. So, there is no special installation process to do.

When using Managed WordPress hosting, you do need to install WordPress first. However, the installation process can be done quickly with one click. There is a special menu that is easy to find once you login in the control panel.


There are thousands of free themes on WordPress.com to choose from for your website. However, if you want to customize, you can only change the background color, the order of the navigation menu, and add widgets.

If you want freedom of customization, you have to upgrade to the Premium plan first. After that, you need to buy a premium theme from a third party and upload it.

When you use Managed WordPress hosting, you have the freedom to manage your themes as you would with WordPress.org. Not only are you free to install the theme you want, you can directly upload the theme according to your brand for the website.


Plugins allow you to easily add the desired features on your website. However, on WordPress.com you can’t install it except on the Business plan for IDR 298,000 per month or eCommerce for IDR 534,000 per month.

Instead of paying a lot of money, it’s better for you to choose a Managed WordPress hosting service that fits your budget. Because, you are free to install the required plugins, both free and premium plugins without having to upgrade first.


WordPress.com offers a secure platform without the need for manual steps like upgrading your WordPress platform. Everything is run by WordPress.com.

Managed WordPress hosting as well. Besides WordPress itself being a secure platform, a Managed WordPress hosting service provider will help keep your website secure.


Business websites need analytics tools to analyze traffic and conversions on the website. This is done so that business developments can be monitored properly.

WordPress.com provides the data analytics tools you need. However, it is quite simple and limited, especially for free users. If you want to use Google Analytics with more complete data, you must upgrade to the Premium plan.

In Managed WordPress hosting, you are free to integrate various analytics tools with your website. So, no need to be confused when you are used to using Google Analytics, for example.

In addition, you don’t need to pay any money for an upgrade because it can be done right away.


SEO or search engine optimization is an effort to make a website appear at the top of Google searches. Using an SEO friendly platform is the best optimization step.

Powered by the WordPress platform, websites created with WordPress.com can be said to be SEO-friendly. However, for more optimal optimization, using an SEO plugin will be very helpful.

Unfortunately, WordPress.com requires you to use a Business or eCommerce plan to be able to install the plugin. This is certainly a consideration for you if you have a limited budget.

Well, if you use Managed WordPress hosting, you also get the benefits of an SEO-friendly WordPress platform. Plus, you are free to install SEO plugins like YoastSEO or RankMath at no extra cost.


You want to use the website to earn from advertising? WordPress.com may not be a promising choice. Because, apart from having to use the Premium package at least, you can only use WordAds, WordPress’ ad provider.

If you use Google AdSense, for example, using Managed WordPress hosting is a better choice. In addition to not needing to incur additional costs for upgrades, you are free to choose any advertising service provider as your source of income.


Making backups is an important step in securing your website. Without it, you can’t restore your website if an unresolved error occurs.

Fortunately, both WordPress.com and Managed WordPress hosting provide backup features.

The difference is, the WordPress.com backup feature is only available for Business and eCommerce plan users. Meanwhile, Managed WordPress hosting allows you to make backups as needed.

WordPress.com vs Managed WordPress Hosting: Which Do You Choose?

WordPress.com is easy to use because you can create a website without the hassle of managing hosting. However, the settings are limited and the price is quite expensive to get more complete features.

Meanwhile, Managed WordPress hosting offers the convenience of WordPress.com, but gives you the freedom to set up your website according to your needs.

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